What is Eco Car Therapy ?

We clean a car in a bottle of water. Literally. That's the only amount of water needed, thanks to Fobbu's eco friendly product suite of sprays and brushes to give your car an extra shine from the outside.

On the inside, is another story. Eco therapy offers you a range of services that fix stains, smells and fingerprints on the inside of your car! All this - within your budget. Know more about our offers.

Here's a few areas we clean that your regular car wash would not - interior deodorising, trunk mat cleaning, seat belts and corner cleaning, fuel lid cleaning, vacuuming, dry wiping, dashboard and console cleaning and many more. Oh - and we also work at night.

Our offers

Is India running out of water?

Water scarcity is the lack of freshwater resources to meet water. Already, due to many reasons- some due to nature, many due to human activity - we are on the brink of water crisis!
When you get a Fobbu Ecotherapy session you can save upto 25 lts of water - water, which can be used for fulfilling basic needs for many people.
Water saving is the need of the hour and we at Fobbu are working hard to do our bit to help this cause. You can too.

Waterless car wash