You would think cars and car care would be a man’s world.
We would prove you wrong.

Meet some key women that fuel Fobbu with their energy everyday.

Kanchan Mulchandani Motwani – Chief, Operations

Kanchan eats, drinks and sleeps Fobbu! This power packed mom of one, manages
and trains the entire team of car cleaners as well as customer care executives.
She is also in-charge of managing customer requests – no easy job, we assure you!

Talk to her at any point in time and she will definitely tell you
about how to improve Fobbu processes and make customers happier.

Halima Sheikh – Car cleaning executive

Do not be fooled by her size, Halima transforms from a demure lady to an
action packed machine when she comes to work. One of the earliest employees and
also one of the most hardworking ones, Halima defies social norms in the world
of car cleaners.

She is testimony to the fact that hard work defies gender. Go Halima!

Shrutika – Customer Service Executive

Relatively new to the Fobbu team, Shrutika not only manages her job at the counter
but also comes up with suggestions to improve and tries to engage people via Social
media. She goes beyond her prescribed role and job description to make Fobbu
work even better.

Fobbu is proud of it’s woman force!