The COVID-19 pandemic only proves that bacteria and viruses are growing stronger, and the usual disinfecting and cleaning measures are not enough to keep them at bay.
We need more potent disinfectants that use biologically active solutions to sterilize and disinfect. And that’s where Fobbu’s new disinfecting product comes in.

Fobbu Pure One Shot.

Fobbu Pure One Shot Disinfectant and Deodorizer is one-time use disinfectant spray that:

  • Kills 99.99% germs / bacteria / viruses
  • Neutralizes odor
  • Leaves a long-lasting fragrance

Fobbu One Shot is a steroid & odor free disinfecting spray that is harsh on the germs but not on you and is Kids and Pet safe.
It is an easy to use disinfectant spray that can disinfect and sterilize fabric, leather, metal, and other plastic surfaces. The disinfectant spray works equally well for porous and non-porous surfaces.


  • Car cabins
  • Home
  • Offices

People all over the world are changing their methods of cleaning and disinfecting. They are now looking for more effective and eco-friendly products to keep their homes, cars, and the environment clean.
Fobbu One Shot uses 100% eco-friendly ingredients and eliminates microbial activity to provide protection within 30 seconds of disinfecting action.
It is non-greasy and does not stain or cause irritation or toxicity.

Fobbu One Shot

Our Competitors

√ sanitizes and disinfects 99.99% germs √ sanitizes and disinfects 99.99% germs
√  rapid action formula √ rapid action formula
√  multi-surface disinfecting spray √ multi-surface disinfecting spray
√  no stinging odor Χ no stinging odor
√  minimizes potential skin irritation Χ  minimizes potential skin irritation
√  eco-friendly disinfecting solution Χ  eco-friendly disinfecting solution
√  disinfectant with air neutralizing agents Χ  disinfectant with air neutralizing agents

Where Can I Buy Fobbu One Shot?

Buy Fobbu Pure One Shot Disinfectant and Deodorizer and breathe clean in this highly-infected environment.
We believe in creating a sustainable environment for generations to come, and we are starting here with you. It’s time to pledge allegiance to clean, breathable fresh air.
Contact us at or place your order on WhatsApp at 9136472300.

Choose Fobbu. Choose Clean Air.