Oil and gold are some of the most widely traded commodities of today. But what if we ask you to add water to that list? 

It’s true! 

As of December 7, 2020, water is being officially traded at Wall Street! Thanks to global warming and an overwhelming demand for freshwater by the agriculture and industrial sector the water  crisis has escalated so much that some people now refer to water as the oil of future. Ever since, water has become a traded commodity. So the concerns about the shortage of freshwater across the globe have skyrocketed. 

For once, people have really begun to think, what if we run out of freshwater one day?Car Care

The thought has spurred a series of reactions across the globe. However, a change in the water usage habits of people is one of the most important factors that can help us cope with this crisis.  

One of the biggest consumers of water is the car care industry where crores of liters of water is wasted every day for basic car washWhile most continue cleaning their cars with water, this scarcity has made some people avoid frequently cleaning their cars altogether. 

Moreover, people’s concerns over water scarcity have also affected the car cleaning business. Due to the shortage of water, many businesses are closing down. But the good news is, that many other businesses are taking a more sustainable approach to car cleaning by offering waterless car wash services. 

In-frequent car cleaning has, however, led to long-term car damage. Therefore, peeling of car coat from its exterior along with other issuesSo, how do we combat water crisis while still taking good care of our car? 

Most people seem to do the job of washing their car by themselves, then  they’ll conserve water – not quite true. Car washing at home can cause significantly more water wastage than getting it done by a professional car wash service. Moreover, when you wash a car by yourself, you’re likely to waste more than 300 litres of water per vehicle or even more! So, it’s safe to say a professional car wash service will save more water on car wash and also provide better car care. 

Here we have 4 tips of regular car care for you, so you can continue to take good care of your car.

1. Dust off Your Vehicle

Sometimes, just wiping away the layer of dust that has settled over your car is enough to make it look clean and shiny. This will keep you from washing your car often and help save water. 

However, in countries such as India, dust settles on vehicles quite frequently. So, dusting might not be sufficient and will lead to scratches on the exterior of your vehicle. 

2. Use a Bucket

Using a continuous water source for washing your car can result in significantly more water wastage than using a bucket, and the traditional approach to car wash in IndiaWhile using a bucket might seem like a better alternative,  it ends up using significant amount of water and leaves you wanting more for a cleaner car. 

But we all know that if you want to get every nook and cranny of your car thoroughly cleaned, a bucket just won’t do. Hence, using a bucket is not an option when your car hasn’t been cleaned for weeks. 

3. Use Recycled Water

A lot of drive-in car wash services offer car washes with recycled water. They have a water recycling plant that recycles that water used in car washes. This allows them to save a lot of water. Even more if they use pressurised flow. 

But a water recycling plant requires resources not every car wash business may be able to afford. Also, not all water can be fully recycled.  

So ultimately, we are left with only one viable option when it comes to saving water during a car wash. 

Going waterless! 

4. Go for Waterless Car Wash

There are plenty of professional car wash services that offer “waterless car wash”, one of them is Fobbu, a waterless car care company that helps save water in water stressed places. It also maintains sustainability in the environment. Waterless car wash services are getting increasingly popular and claim up to 85% decrease in water use per wash. Apart from saving water they take better care of your vehicle by adding protection coats on the car’s paint. 

Visit Fobbu for more information on waterless car wash, our services, and how you can contribute to a more sustainable environment.