Monsoon Exclusives

With the rains a lot of us want to take our cars out for long drives and just spend time out an about to enjoy the outdoors. Turns out your car needs a little extra during the wet season. While you get the necessary protection like umbrellas and raincoats, your car also needs that extra layer of protection. We have carefully crafted some services that are just right for your car and we have priced them such that you can save that extra for spending it outdoors.

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Monsoon Ultimate Monsoon Sure Monsoon Essentials
Monsoon Budget
Price 4500.00 - 6000.00 3500.00 - 4000.00 2000.00 - 2700.00 1250.00 - 2000.00
Foam wash
Full body wax polish ✔ (2coats)
Fibre part dressing
Tyre and rim cleaning with dressing ✔ (Deep Cleaning) ✔ (Deep Cleaning) ✔ (Deep Cleaning)
Anti-rain windshield ceramic coating
Clay bar treatment, sanding, rubbing
Glaze coat for depth of color
Full body hybrid ceramic coating (2 coats)
Rat repellent spray for engine bay
Germ free cleaning & vacuuming ✔ (Deep Cleaning) ✔ (Deep Cleaning) ✔ (Deep Cleaning)
Non toxic/non greasy polish
Eco-friendly fumigation
Anti-fungal/bacterial foam treatment
AC vent foam disinfection
Aviation grade sanitization & deodorization
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