With a population that is three times that of the United States, and with water resources that are dwindling at a breakneck pace, India is headed straight for an impending water crisis. One of the major concerns for India is the lack of long-term availability of water resources.

Due to excessive water consumption, India’s overall water availability is running out, fast. While climate change is playing its own role along with growing needs for water, the crisis has plenty to do with the water that is wasted daily.

Did you know that every Indian wastes up to 45 liters of water per day?

Moreover, about 163 million people in India have no access to clean water. Those who do have access waste about 30% of their average water requirement per day. That’s about 125 million liters of water wasted daily. That’s alarming!

Another major reason for water wastage, especially in Metro cities, is daily car wash.

As we head into summer, the water usage to support basic needs will only increase, and that doesn’t bode well for India’s already depleting water resources.

Overall, India has around 308 million cars and the numbers are only going to increase. Mumbai alone has seen the addition of over a million cars in the last five years.

With an average of 25 – 35 liters of water used to wash a single car; the total amount of water used will elevate dangerously.

During these testing times, we at Fobbu have dedicated our efforts to saving water wasted on car wash. With the advent of new technology, we are implementing waterless car wash solutions to save the supply of fresh water in the country. Introducing Eco Car Therapy.

What is Eco Car Therapy?

With Eco Car Therapy we use about 250 ml of water to clean a car. This is more than a 75% reduction in water usage and we strongly believe that this is a solution to our country’s water crisis.

The Benefits of Fobbu’s Waterless Car Wash Therapy

The benefits of availing waterless car wash services are endless when there’s a growing scarcity of water. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of waterless car wash therapy:

  • Save Up to 35 litres of Water on Each Vehicle

Fobbu’s eco-friendly car wash service can help you save up to 35 litres of water on each car. Our premium cleaning products will give your car a lasting shine.

  • Long-Term Protection

All our products are 100% eco-friendly; this means zero harm for the environment and your car. This, as compared to the damage caused by harmful chemicals in car washing detergents, protects the environment and saves it from contamination.

  • Save Money

Fobbu offers reasonable prices for eco car therapy and car care services. You can save money and protect the environment by choosing Fobbu.

Why Choose FOBBU’S Waterless Car Wash Therapy?

At FOBBU, we implement innovative solutions to reduce water waste and help India overcome the growing scarcity of water. We believe waterless car wash service can make a major difference to India’s excessive water consumption and we hope it is reason enough for you to join hands with us to help overcome this impending crisis.

Here’s why you should choose Fobbu’s waterless car wash therapy:

    • Saves money
    • UV protection for your vehicle.
    • Non-toxic and eco-friendly products
    • Protection against dust particles
    • Gives lasting shine and enhances paint
    • Keeps the vehicle safe from scratches
    • Non-corrosive and pH-neutral cleaning kit.


It’s time we adopt environment-friendly solutions to preserve our resources and make India a healthier, less polluted and more comfortable country to live in.

We have taken a step towards creating a sustainable eco system, now it’s time for us to join hands and take this forward.