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Q. What is Fobbu Pure

Fobbu Pure is a curated service for your cars interior and exterior.
Disinfects your cars interiors for a germ and odor free cabin
Protects your car's paint while removing tree sap, bird droppings and other such material which can damage the paint. The solutions are naturally disinfecting which kill germs and provide protection.

Q . Is this safe for my children

Ans . All our products are 100% eco friendly which are safe for your children and also your pets.

Q . Are all the solutions safe for my car?

Ans . The good news is our products are not only safe for your car but also good for the environment.

Q . Is it OK to puncture the can?

Ans . NO, this is a pressurized can which can cause serious injuries when punctured.

Q . Is there a fire risk after using this product?

Ans . If the product is used as instructed, there is no risk of a fire. However, do not use in front of a naked flame.