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Still thinking if you should go for an Eco Therapy?

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Q. Are your services costly?

Ans . Not at all, our prices are extremely competitive and via this offer you can avail a service for as low as Rs 467/-. All this while saving water. Service details and prices available here.

Q . Are all the solutions safe for my car?

Ans . The good news is our products are not only safe for your car but also good for the environment.

Q . Is it safe to trust the crew working on my car?

Ans . Absolutely, our entire team is vetted before they are hired and are trained to take care of your car well.

Q . My car smells-I don't need eco therapy as there are no stains here?

Ans . There might be something mysterious hidden in your car!
Worry not, our interior care also deodorizes.

Q . What if I don't like the cleaning job?

Ans . Team Fobbu always welcomes your feedback and will look for pointers so they can improve. If you have any grievance, please reach out to us and we will try to fix the issue.