New technology makes it possible.

Waterless Car wash Solutions:  New Age technology

Over the past 5 years, the number of vehicles in Mumbai has grown from 2 million to 3 million 

-Times of India

In the Automobile care provider industry, Mumbai is one of the most promising markets as the registration of vehicles has grown drastically high. After car purchasing, Auto caring is one thing that the old and new buyers look for. Nearly 50% of them are now opting for the latest technology for car caring and detailing.

Mumbai citizens understand the water-shortage issues only too well and want to take every possible measure to conserve water by using it wisely. Waterless car wash is now emerging as the popular technology where a car can be washed in just 300ml water. It is an eco-friendly method to change the way we think about cleaning our vehicles.

Why choose waterless car therapy?

Every single vehicle detailing requires a minimum of 25-30 liters of water. Now imagine, this water wastage happens every morning for so many cars. Some parts of our country do not have drinking water supplies, but the same water is spent daily for car washing in other parts. Here, we need to adopt an innovative solution to minimize wastage.

Waterless car therapy is an incredible and inventive opportunity to save water and a small contribution to save the environment.

How does dry washing work?

Using advanced products and the high-quality microfiber cleaning material dry washing is designed to clean the car in very little water. This eco-friendly method applies high lubricity products to polish and wash the exterior. These products repel dust particles, mud and grime for a longer time. Unlike traditional washing, it takes lesser time and effort to do the detailing inside-out. The chemical combination of waterless suspension is efficient enough to give your car a lustrous look with the least efforts.

Benefits of Waterless Car Therapy

1. Saving gallons of water: Mixing advanced lubricants with 300ml water cleans the complete car and you save 20 to 50 gallons of water every month.

2. Harmless cleaning: With waterless vehicle cleaning, the cleaning team makes sure there is no harm done to any vehicle during the process. The waterless washing formula is a blend of cleaning agents and unique lubricants that lifts and surrounds dust and dirt particles. With no scratch policy, the team assures that the vehicle looks like new and smells fresh.

3. Provide a protective finish to your car in four basic steps: The process involves just three steps to give a protective finish and a flawless cleaning – spray, soak, wipe and buff. For a flawless shine, the cleaning team sprays the formula, let the vehicle soak for a few minutes, wipe it off and polish it.

4. No harm to the environment: The traditional way of cleaning the vehicle involves harmful detergent and solutions that ruin everything around them. And using a hose is not the brightest idea as it spoils the vehicle paint and spills the water around. Waterless car therapy, therefore, is more efficient.

5. Create long lasting shine and protection: Catalytic converter emissions, tar, bugs, road grime, bird droppings, salt are some of the things that these products protect your car from.

6. Multi-benefits: You or the neighborhood can use the same water in household cleaning or for other important purposes.

7. Ease of application: The cleaning agents are mixed well in a spray bottle and need very less force to apply. It is also comparatively easier to apply liquid rather than using traditional car wax.

To summarize, get long-lasting shining without wasting water and with no damage to your vehicle by using this innovative waterless car therapy. Just give it a try!